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What’s the best vitamin for computer users?

Kyani Triangle of Health

Without question, the best vitamin for computer users is the Kyäni Triangle of Health.

Why do computer users need vitamins more than anyone else?

Because we sit at a computer desk for multiple hours in a row. Holding our muscles and tendons in the same position for hours at a time decreases our blood circulation. Decreased blood circulation means that nutrient and vitamin flow to our tendons and muscle tissues is also decreased tremendously. All this causes our muscles to become tight and dehydrated quicker. When that happens, our posture deteriorates at a rapid rate.

When sitting at a computer desk, holding certain muscles tightly in the same position for long periods of time does a lot of damage to your body. It doesn’t matter if your posture is good or bad. You’re going to cause dysfunction between your muscles, tendons, and skeletal alignment.

We can practice good posture, eat “healthy”, drink water, and exercise all we want. But, nothing will give us the nutrients we need like all-natural, high-quality vitamins.

Why is the Kyäni Triangle of Health the best vitamin for computer users?

For 3 reasons:

  1. It provides vitamins B and C in the morning for increased energy. We live in a world full of toxins and nutrition-less foods. Caffeine is not a healthy way to get energy. It dehydrates us and the energy is short-lived. Kyäni provides healthy energy from high-quality vitamins and nutrients.
  2. It increases blood circulation. You won’t find many other vitamins that do this. When our blood circulation is increased, it improves the flow of nutrients and vitamins to our over-used tendons and muscle tissues. When blood circulation and nutrient flow to our muscles and tendons is increased, our posture is also improved greatly.
  3. It provides vitamins D, E, and Omega-3’s at night for maximum recovery during sleep. We’ve been over-using our muscles and tendons way too much all day to hold our posture at a computer desk. They’re so wound up and tight that they need help. An average night’s rest and sleep is good, but a peaceful night’s sleep is much more powerful. The Kyäni Triangle gives us that. Besides, SittingErgonomics.com is all about high human performance habits. There’s nothing average about the articles or it’s readers (;

Kyani Triangle of Health

Kyäni makes all-natural, high-quality vitamins that are a perfect solution for computer users. We can practice good posture as much as possible, but our posture will benefit drastically when we use Kyäni as a force multiplier.

Full disclosure: After taking the Kyäni Triangle of Health for just 2 days, I was so charged up from its results that I became a Kyäni distributor. I’d never promote a product that I wasn’t passionate about and didn’t truly believe in. Since I started writing articles on the Internet in 2012, this is the only product I’ve ever promoted where I make a small commission (on Kyäni products purchased from SittingErgonomics.com/order).

All my content on SittingErgonomics.com is free, and it always will be. By purchasing Kyäni here, you’re not only improving your quality of life tremendously, but you’re supporting my passion and allowing me to devote more time to it.

I appreciate you for that (;

mad love,

Todd Bowen of Sitting Ergonomics

P.S. If you want to read more about the Kyäni Triangle of Health before ordering, read this extensive article I wrote about it here.

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