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Sitting Ergonomics

What are “ergonomics”? (and why they’re so powerful)

What are ergonomics?

er·go·nom·ics – the study of people’s efficiency in their working environment (definition credit: Google)

Ergonomics are much more than just posture. Posture is just the position of a person’s body. In our case, the position we’re in while we are sitting for a prolonged period of time.

It’s not as simple as just “sitting up straight”. Posture is only one variable of ergonomics. My Sitting Ergonomics Formula is made up of 7 different variables (or subtopics).


My Sitting Ergonomics Formula:

= Body Awareness

+ Sleep Quality

+ Breathing

+ Nutrition

+ Hydration

+ Posture

+ Healing

*Click one of the above subtopics to see all the articles I’ve written on it.


As desk jockeys, all of these different subtopics are directly related to our sedentary (sitting) quality of life. All of these subtopics are also directly related to the decrease of pain caused by sitting at a desk. They also improve our mental clarity and performance.

Each time we add another Sitting Ergonomics subtopic to our daily practice, it becomes a force multiplier in our battle against repetitive strain and overuse injuries (caused by sitting at a desk). Each one we improve our mastery of will greatly increase our performance while sitting at a desk, both physically and mentally.

I’ve never met an athlete (above the age of 22) that can sit at a computer desk 40+ hours per week and not suffer the consequences (physical pain and lack of mental clarity). However, YOU DO control HOW MUCH sitting destroys your body and mind. You just need to make small changes to your daily life, which will lead to massive results over time.

I’m a former desk jockey with an obsessive passion for healing my repetitive strain and overuse injuries (caused by sitting at a computer desk). 

What’s your biggest issue you have sitting at a computer desk? Leave a comment below or email me here and let me know how I can help. I respond to all questions 😉

Todd Bowen



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