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Why Vitamins are Crucial for Desk Jockeys

Vitamins have become a huge force multiplier in my Sitting Ergonomics Formula. Everything I write about relates directly to a person’s efficiency while sitting at a computer desk. High-quality vitamins are no exception. They’re the perfect compliment to good hydration, nutrition, posture, and exercise habits.


But don’t waste your time or money on a lower quality, multivitamin hard pill (my honest opinion). I didn’t notice any results whatsoever when I tried them (a few different brands that I won’t bother to mention).

Plus, my website is typically for super-efficient overachievers anyway. Readers who are addicted to high human performance. Passionate and obsessive about living a healthy sedentary lifestyle. 

Disclaimer: I’m not a doctor.  We’re all responsible for our own health and wellness. Make your own decisions very carefully, with the help of a physician when necessary. I simply tell my personal story of how sitting at a desk destroyed my body, how I healed my pain, and how I prevent future injuries. How I designed my sedentary lifestyle to be super efficient.

Back to our main article: Repetitive strain and overuse injuries literally suck the life out of our muscles and tendons. After sitting at a desk for a few years, certain muscles get so tight that blood doesn’t flow through the vessels of many body parts properly. When blood doesn’t flow, then nutrients can’t get supplied to the overused body parts. These muscles may still technically work, but they’re not efficient at all. And it’s very often painful. The muscles get so tight, they pull on the tendons and overextend them. Muscles are attached to tendons. Tendons are attached to bones, very often at a major joint like a knee. This is why we often feel pain at the knee. The tight muscle from sitting is very often the cause of the pain in the knee. The pain in the knee is the effect, not the cause. We need to treat the cause of the problem, making the muscle healthier. Improve the circulation of blood flow and nutrients to those muscles. Conversely, we don’t need to treat the effect of the pain (the knee) by icing it or popping 800 mg of some anti-inflammatory. That is a short-term fix. We need to think on a long-term, more natural scale.

These days, foods are so nutrient-deficient compared to foods from back in the day. Even if we eat “healthy”, we aren’t getting the same amount of nutrients we would’ve gotten years ago. Not to mention, I personally don’t know anyone who eats so healthy that they wouldn’t benefit from a well-balanced vitamin regimen. That may sound confusing, but it’s not. It’s actually pretty simple.

Click here for an article on my favorite high-quality vitamin.

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Click this picture to get started with the Kyäni Triangle of Health.

A plant needs soil to grow. It gets nutrients from the soil. Without them, the plant will die.

Humans are pretty similar. We won’t die quickly, but something will get us eventually. If we don’t get the right nutrients, our bodies are starving for crucial components necessary to live an optimal life. Disease is much more likely to attack. Plus, we won’t perform at the next level without them. Period.

Possible Outcomes: In order to achieve better range of motion, improved flexibility, less pain, increased work productivity, and more mental clarity, high-quality vitamins are a no-brainer.

The more nutrients we take in, the better. A friend recently introduced me to a high-quality vitamin system named Kyäni. All Kyäni products are all-natural and non-GMO.

Spotlight Examples: This friend, Danielle, is in school to get a degree in Nutrition. Danielle’s an early bird who works from home on a computer 40 hours a week. Before getting on Kyäni, she would struggle to get up in the morning. She’d also be tired throughout the morning after getting 8 hours of sleep.

*Making health claims would be illegal. I wouldn’t do that. But I will tell you about the results she and I have had since starting the Kyäni Triangle of Health.

After being on the vitamins a week or two, Danielle started waking up easier in the morning. She’s also not dying to take a nap in the early afternoon. It must suck to work from home. 😉


Basically Danielle (before she started taking Kyäni vitamins) 😉

My results were much quicker and more drastic. She gave me a 2 day sample. At the end of day 1, I already felt a huge increase in energy. The first night, I enjoyed the deepest, most relaxing sleep I’ve gotten in months. On day 2, I had an increased mental clarity. It was easier to think clearly and focus on each task, get it completed and move on to the next one. Later in day 2, I went to the gym. I had significantly better joint mobility in my left hip. I’ve had a major overextension problem in that hip for years and it throws off everything, especially my left leg and my right SI joint (right on my waistline above my right butt cheek).

Today (day 13), I’ve experienced many more results. First off, I’ve got increased breathing capacity through my nose. My allergies are a non-issue (side note: I’ve tried everything previously and nothing worked. Zyrtec, Allegra, Organic non-gmo honey, etc etc etc). My joint mobility in the gym continues to improve. I’m getting VERY peaceful sleep and recovery. I’ve got an improved mental clarity and productivity when working on a computer. I’ve also seen a significant decrease in my day-to-day anxiety.

Full disclosure: I was so charged up from the product and its results that I became a Kyäni distributor. I’d never promote a product that I wasn’t passionate about and didn’t truly believe in. Since I started writing articles on the internet 4 years ago, this is the only product I’ve ever promoted where I make a small commission (on Kyäni products that are purchased from this page here). Or if you’d like more info on Kyäni before buying, check out another article I wrote here.

Closing thoughts: My mission is to make Sitting Ergonomics easy to understand by dissecting it into 8 smaller subtopics: Posture, Nutrition, Hydration, Breathing, Sleep Quality, Self Healing, Professional Healing, and Body Awareness. The newest component in my Sitting Ergonomics Formula is the Kyäni Triangle of Health and it’ll go under my subtopic of Nutrition. I’d also mark it as a highly valuable component of the Self Healing and Sleep Quality subtopics. Kyäni vitamins are a crucial element in taking our performance to the next level (whether it’s pain relief, office productivity, athletics, mental clarity, the list goes on and on).

Side note: For those that don’t know about my mission, here’s a quick history. I sat at a desk 40+ hours per week for 12 years, causing the worst injuries of my life. I’ve been a weightlifter the last 20 years, as well as a lifelong athlete. How lame is it that sitting destroyed my body more than anything? Fast forward 5 years later to today…I’ve studied, tested, and documented dozens of wellness and healing practices related to Sitting Ergonomics. I strive to help others improve their quality of life, defeating the same repetitive strain injuries and chronic muscle tension that I’ve beaten.

Sitting at a desk for a living is not a life sentence of pain and discomfort. We just need to make small changes to our daily habits that lead to massive results over time. Sign up for my free updates to receive all my new articles via email (cancel anytime).

Take the next step in accountability for your own sedentary wellness by reading an article I wrote here on the Kyäni Triangle of Health.

You won’t regret it. 🙂

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