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My Vitamin Progress Report (after 2 months)

kyani progress report

We don’t have the right to sit at a computer desk 40+ hours per week and not suffer the consequences (physical pain and lack of mental clarity). However, YOU DO control HOW MUCH sitting destroys your body and mind. You just need to make small changes to your daily life, which will lead to massive results over time.

I’m a former desk jockey with an obsessive passion for healing my repetitive strain and overuse injuries (caused by sitting at a computer desk). Recently, my new favorite habit is taking a high-quality, non-GMO, all-natural vitamin. My vitamin of choice is made by a company called Kyäni. The specific products I take are called the Kyäni Triangle of Health.

Kyäni Triangle of Health Product Descriptions:

Product 1, called Sunrise, is a 1 ounce (Wild Alaskan Blueberry) smoothie that includes vitamins B, C, and many superfoods. This product has all the nutrients that give you the energy you need in the morning.

Product 2, called Sunset, is omega-3 pills made up of wild-caught Alaskan Sockeye Salmon (cold-pressed). They also include vitamin D, E, and beta carotene. This product has all the nutrients you need to sleep better and recover quicker.

Product 3, called Nitro FX, is a fruit concentrate (called noni) that promotes nitric oxide in your body. We all have nitric oxide in our bodies naturally. This product promotes more of it, relaxing our blood vessels, and increasing blood circulation. When blood circulation is increased, it allows the nutrients of Kyäni Sunrise and Sunset to better reach the tissues that previously lacked blood flow and nutrients.

Special Precautions: Do not take NitroFX if you…

  • are pregnant, breast-feeding, or trying to get pregnant
  • have kidney problems
  • have high potassium levels in your body (noni fruit juice might increase potassium levels)
  • have liver disease

*None of the statements in this article have been evaluated by the FDA. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Full disclosure: After taking the Kyäni Triangle of Health for just 2 days, I was so charged up from its results that I became a Kyäni distributor. I’d never promote a product that I wasn’t passionate about and didn’t truly believe in. Since I started writing articles on the internet 4 years ago, this is the only product I’ve ever promoted where I make a small commission (on Kyäni products that are purchased from this page here).

Quick disclaimer: I’m not a doctor. We’re all responsible for our own health and wellness. Make your own decisions very carefully, with the help of a physician when necessary. Obviously, I don’t guarantee results. I simply tell my personal story of how sitting at a desk (for 12 years) destroyed my body, how I healed my pain, and how I prevent future injuries. In other words, how I designed my sedentary lifestyle to be super efficient.

Kyani Triangle of Health

Back to the article: We’ve sat at desks in the same stagnant position for 10, 20, even 30 years for some of us. Our overused tendons, muscles, and tissues are starving for nutrients. Nutrients that Kyäni gives us at the highest quality, non-GMO, all natural level.

As full-time desk jockeys, we can exercise, stretch, drink water, eat “healthy”, and improve our posture all we want. However, all those valuable practices won’t be as effective if we’re not getting the crucial nutrients that we get from Kyäni. The Kyäni Triangle of Health is the force multiplier we (desk jockeys) have been waiting on for years.

My Personal Benefits from Taking Kyäni Vitamins:

The list of benefits I’d gotten in just my first 2 weeks of the Kyäni Triangle of Health are staggering. The list includes:

  • More energy
  • Less allergies
  • Better sleep
  • Faster muscle recovery
  • Increased mental clarity
  • Better joint mobility
  • Less anxiety

Fast forward 2 months later, I just finished my second full month of the Kyäni Triangle. All of the benefits above have progressed significantly. Every few days or so, I still notice an old tight muscle or joint working more properly.

Remember, we’re trying to make up for years and years of excessive repetitive strain and bad overuse habits. We’ve been starving our bodies of the nutrients it needs for a very long time. The results from Kyäni will get better and better in the long run. They are very attainable. Hang in there. Be patient and consistent over a long period of time.

I truly believe the Kyäni Triangle of Health will improve our sedentary (sitting) quality of life more and more as time goes on.

To order the Kyäni Triangle of Health now, click here or go to SittingErgonomics.com/order.

Or, to read another in-depth article I wrote about the Kyäni Triangle of Health products, click here or go to SittingErgonomics.com/kyani-vitamins.

Take care and don’t let that desk beat you up 😉

todd-bowen-sitting-ergonomicsP.S. Let me know if you have any questions by emailing me here. I’m happy to help.

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Kyani Triangle of Health
Without question, the best vitamin for computer users is the Kyäni Triangle of Health. Why do computer users need vitamins more than
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