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Sitting Ergonomics

Free Online Training – How to Sit at a Computer Desk with Good Posture

How to Sit at a Computer Desk with Good Posture

My free training webinars are back y’all. In my new 1-hour online webinars, I’ll talk about 3 essential components of my Sitting Ergonomics Formula.

Click here to watch a 2 minute video about my training webinars

The 3 components covered in this training are the first steps to creating a healthy, efficient sitting lifestyle for yourself. They are Hydration, Posture, and Nutrition.

You may think, “What does hydration and nutrition have to do with posture?” Everything, actually. They are both directly related to how good your computer posture is (or isn’t).

I’ll show you how they’re directly related in my training webinar.

The more hydrated you are when you get to your desk in the morning, the more your muscles will work properly and hold you in good posture. The less hydrated you are at your desk, the faster your muscle health deteriorates and blood circulation decreases, causing your posture to get worse.

I know, nutrition is hard. But it shouldn’t be rocket science. It’s not about counting carbs and calories and this or that. My training gives desk athletes the 2 most important (easy) rules to implement into your everyday routine. These rules have led to massive results over time for me and my die-hard followers.

Posture relates to pain, especially when you’re holding your body in the same position for long hours each day. That’s why we’ll have a quick intro during the training titled “Why does sitting at a computer desk cause pain?” Because you need to clearly understand the problem before you can fix it.

Enough typing from me today, click the image below to register for the next available time.


I’ve worked hard for a very long time to get this training presentation finished. I’m very proud of the completed experience.

I’m 100% confident you’ll learn tons of useful habits from it, that’ll improve your productivity and reduce your pain caused by sitting at a computer desk.

Thanks for your generous time and energy y’all. Simply taking the time to read my message is a huge step forward in your journey to design a healthy sitting lifestyle for yourself. And you should be very proud of that.

Take care and don’t let that desk beat you up 😉

Todd Bowen of Sitting Ergonomics

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