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Action Takers Only – 3 Keys to Improve Your Computer Ergonomics

Computer Ergonomics

This goes out to those of you who take massive action. You research the next step that’ll make your life better, less painful, and more productive. You decide which advice is valuable to you, then you put the process to work and stick to it.

To those who aren’t afraid of change. To those who face a problem and ask themselves “how can I change my actions/habits to get improved performance results?”

Sitting at a computer desk broke my body and caused the worst injuries I’ve ever had. Since 2012, I’ve gone through a powerful transformation of healing. I’ve experimented with dozens of new daily habits over the years.

If I had to start all over again, here are the first 3 steps I would take:

  • 1. Make sure you are drinking enough water. Hydration is directly connected to how good (or bad) our posture is when sitting at a computer desk for a long period of time. There’s no “one-size-fits-all” daily amount that will work for everyone. There are a lot of variables involved. Everyone’s body and daily activities are unique. Read my hydration article here to help determine how much water you need to drink per day.
  • 2. Improve your computer posture. Computer posture is more complex than just “sitting up straight”. The good news, my Computer Posture Checklist breaks it down for you as clearly as possible. You can print your checklist and then post it up at your desk as a daily reference tool. The checklist steps are broken down into an easy to remember process (that’s also easy to implement). Download your checklist here.
  • 3. Invest in all-natural, high-quality vitamins. We live in a world full of toxins and nutrition-less foods. I didn’t used to be a believer in vitamins. I’d tried certain big brand multivitamins over the years and didn’t feel any results whatsoever. But, I’ve recently been swayed big time by a vitamin called the Kyäni Triangle of Health. Since starting Kyäni, I’ve experienced a huge increase in energy throughout the day and a much more peaceful night’s sleep. You can read about the products’ in-depth descriptions in my article here. Or, for the real go-getters, get started on your powerful journey of transformation now at SittingErgonomics.com/order. You won’t regret it, trust me 🙂
  • Full disclosure: After taking the Kyäni Triangle of Health for just 2 days, I was so charged up from its results that I became a Kyäni distributor. I’d never promote a product that I wasn’t passionate about and didn’t truly believe in. Since I started writing articles on the Internet in 2012, this is the only product I’ve ever promoted where I make a small commission (on Kyäni products purchased from SittingErgonomics.com/order). Side note: All my content on SittingErgonomics.com is free, and it always will be. By purchasing Kyäni here, you’re not only improving your quality of life, but supporting my passion and allowing me to devote more time to it. I appreciate you for that 😉

How to Sit at a Computer Desk with Good Posture

  • *Bonus: Listen in on one of my free online webinars. My training presentations are about an hour long. They cover everything above that I’ve talked about in this article. The title is “How to Sit at a Computer Desk with Good Posture.” It covers hydration, posture, and nutrition. These topics are specifically focused on valuable info for people who sit at a computer desk full-time. My training will also answer the question, “why does sitting at a computer desk cause pain?” Because we need to fully understand the problem before we can fix it. Click here to sign up for the next available training time.

Congratulations on being an action taker. That’s some serious stuff to be proud of. For real.

Take care y’all. Hit me up if you’ve got any questions about Kyäni. You can email me by going here.

Todd Bowen

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Dear desk jockeys,
Dear desk jockeys, We sit at a computer desk 40+ hours per week. The human body wasn't designed to do that.
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