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Sitting Ergonomics


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Computer Ergonomics
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  • Andrea

    I too, don’t use arm rests. But I still have rhomboid, trap pain in my right side. I’ve now read that if you just have your arms hanging down, that you are overactivating those back muscles. So what’s the happy-medium? what do you do with your arms when not typing?

    • Todd Bowen

      Hi Andrea, that’s great that you don’t use the armrests. But, I know exactly what you mean that it causes you another problem (by arms hanging down).

      My first thought, since your pain is only on your right side, are you using the mouse with your right hand? If so, that could be the reason for your pain, since the pain is not on your left side. Make sure that you aren’t reaching forward to get to that mouse (this used to cause pain for me in the same area as yours). Try to keep your elbow close to a 90 degree angle when using the mouse (forearm parallel to the floor).

      My second thought, are your forearms resting on your desk while you work? If not, see if you can slide your chair farther under your desk, and slide your keyboard farther onto your desk, so that your forearms have room to rest on your desk, almost up to the elbow if possible. Just make sure that your elbows are close to a 90 degree angle when typing also. You may need to raise/lower your chair to achieve this 90 degree angle.

      Good luck, Andrea. Let me know how it goes 🙂


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